Pro Bono

Please see below for details of all the projects available this year.

Pro Bono at Warwick continues to go from strength to strength with 11 diverse projects.

This year we aim to continue to promote the wide range of Pro Bono opportunities delivered by Warwick Law Society. We will be holding an information session at the start of October, enabling our members to find out about all the pro bono opportunities available to them. At the end of the year we will celebrate the hard work and commitment of our volunteers with a special awards ceremony. We encourage our members to get involved with at least one pro bono project during their time at Warwick. One of the most important reasons to take up Pro Bono work is based on it’s relevance in today’s society. The cuts in legal aid and the high cost of legal services mean that they can be beyond the reach of many. However, benefit to the community is not the only advantage of pro bono work. Involvement significantly improves a student’s profile in the job market as it shows commitment to being a laywer. Although law firms and barrister’s chambers value exposure to the commerical world, they also appreciate experiences such as face to face client contact and skills such as team work and research, that are demonstrated by your involvement in Pro Bono.

See below for details of all the projects available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Joanna D'cruz & Merve Danagoz

Joanna D’Cruz & Merve Danagoz

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Death Penalty Project

Volunteers on this project support American attorneys and UK human rights charities defending men and women on Death Row across the world. Tasks include undertaking research, summarising case transcripts and proof reading draft documents- all of which help to free up the time of the lawyers we work for and as a result allow them to defend more people. Last year volunteers worked on, amongst others, a case which was trialled in the US Supreme Court. For this project volunteers must be reliable, have good attention to detail and always stick to deadlines.


Matthew Gill- Project Leader-

Jamie Hart- Project Leader-



The Women’s Project

The women’s project is an initiative that aims to raise awareness of sexual abuse and domestic violence issues through campaigning, talks, and fundraising events in aid of CRASAC (Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Center).

Last year we were able to involve participants throughout a range of degree disciplines and we had events throughout the year including: a visit to CRASAC, talks related to gender-violence issues by professors, film nights and external events such as a dance for hope workshop by Dr.Valli Batchelor. We ended our project by hosting a mock trial for International Women’s Week whilst continuing to fundraise.

This year we hope to involve even more volunteers (especially more males!) and extend our fundraising activities to a larger scale.

For more information please join the facebook group (Warwick Women’s Project) or email us: Nadia (, Rhea ( and Leena (



Law Trek

Law Trek is a programme through which Warwick students can give students at surrounding secondary schools, who are interested in a career in law, an insight into the journey of becoming a lawyer. The vision is for these single sessions to include a talk from a few Warwick students about the different paths to becoming a lawyer, life at university and life as a law student, as well as a Q&A session and a group discussion on a topic of law.The contents of the session are not finalised as yet and I would be happy to hear any suggestions on what to include further.

For more information please contact


YOU*th Inspire


YOU*th Inspire aims to inspire the young people of today’s society and encourage them to see the role which they can play in making the world a better place for everyone.

This year, Term 1 will primarily include fundraising and planning for a special workshop held in Term 2 in collaboration with a local charity in Coventry. Throughout the year, we will explore fundamental human rights concepts and topical issues and make these relevant in a powerful way to inspire young people to create change.

Project leader: Kathryn McDonagh


Assistant leader: Vimala Menna



St Oswald’s Community Advice Centre

The local community come to the Centre for advice on a broad range of difficult issues, relating to personal welfare, employment, government services, debt management, amongst many more. Each client has a unique case, which volunteers have to help efficiently solve, providing quality and effective advice. The combined experience of shadowing current advisers and the training all volunteers attend, provided by The Birmingham Tribunal Unit, there is great scope within this Project to learn more about the Welfare and Benefits System and its important societal implications. Furthermore, volunteering with this project is a prime opportunity to put legal theoretical knowledge into practice, in real life situations. The objective of the Project is to use this quality advice as a tool to re-balance poverty within the deprived, local community of Tile Hill, Coventry.

To find out more about this project, visit our website:

Project Leader: Mhairi Hay




The first network of its kind for the international pro bono community, iProbono is a non-profit online network that connects organisations looking for legal assistance with lawyers and students who want to incorporate what they have learnt into real-life situations to support public welfare. iProbono’s global viewpoint allows students to engage in projects from around the world, all involving their own themes and legal areas. With key support from leading law firms Allen and Overy, and Field Fisher Waterhouse, iProbono is a well-recognised, wholly online network that gives you the contentment of helping others and gaining renowned experience for your CV and for your future life as a lawyer. That too, all from home!


For more information, please contact Umar Shaikh at


Warwick Women for Women International

About us

Women for Women International (WfWI) is a charity organisation which directly sponsors women from war-torn countries to rebuild their lives by enrolling them in program that offers them financial assistance, emotional support and the tools and resources to gain stability and self-sufficiency. At Warwick, we are WfWl’s largest student-run society in the UK and one of RAG’s top charities, having raised over £7000 last year.


Our Events

We held a variety of successful fundraisers and campaigns throughout the year including our24 hour Famine, Anti-Rape campaign and Run for Congo. For Women’s week, we held an annual WfWI event, ‘Join me on the Bridge’: each year, the women of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo would come together on a bridge which borders the two countries in order to stand up for peace and to end violence against women.


Our Aim

This year, Warwick WfWI will be directly sponsoring eight women: six from Afghanistan and two from South Sudan. We offer the opportunity to explore and discuss the issues faced by these women, to campaign for an end to violence against women and to fundraise to held rebuild their lives. You will also have an exciting experience and gain some vital skills.

Help us rebuild the world, one woman at a time.

Project Leader: Deshani Gunathilake

E-mail Address: /


Restless Beings

Restless Beings is an international human rights organisation working with some of the most marginalised communities in the world. We have projects working with the Rohingya community, Bangladeshi street kids, victims of bride kidnapping in Central Asia and the Roma gypsy people. We seek to facilitate sustainable change for the people we work with from a grassroots level. All our work is delivered through a medium of creativity and arts with the view of making charity and human rights issues accessible to everyone.

This year, we will continue to promote our projects and campaigns on campus. It is a fantastic opportunity for students who are looking for hands on involvement in a charity. There is also scope to stay involved longer term and to get involved with the national team.

Project leader:

Areomi Omisore -

Assistant Leaders:

Ana Salom Boira:

Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre

Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre is a charity providing information and practical help to refugees and asylum seekers in the area. The centre’s work extends to the destitute, those with a pending asylum claim, those refused asylum and those granted leave to remain. The centre’s income is dedicated to directly supporting its client groups, whom they advise on issues such as access to health care, housing, education, training and employment.

Volunteers can expect to be involved with creative ways of fundraising for the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre throughout the year. There will also be the opportunity to train to be a caseworker where you will be given your own file to manage and get the chance to make a direct contribution to the Centre.

Project leaders:

Claire Tan:

Ryan Hughes:


Bar Pro Bono Unit

The BPBU is a completely independently run charity unit run jointly with LawWorks (The Solicitors Pro Bono Unit sponsored by Magic Circle law firms), which annually hosts a national competition amongst the UK’s best law schools in raising funds for this renowned unit.

The Warwick team will lead a group of 5 students to come up with innovative and effective ways to raise the most funds, and perhaps more importantly raise awareness for the Unit from October 2013 to March 2014. Funds can be raised in any way you can possibly imagine and previous projects have used bake sales, sponsored walks, auctioning events, second hand garage sales and more to raise money and awareness across our campus.

Project leader: Paris Fisher-Aziz (


Howard League for Penal Reform

“Less crime, safer communities, fewer people in prison.”

The Howard League for Penal Reform is the oldest penal reform charity in the UK. It was established in 1866 and is named after John Howard, one of the first prison reformers. . It was the first NGO to be awarded consultative status with both the UN and the Council of Europe.

Core Beliefs:

The Howard League for Penal Reform works for a safe society where fewer people are victims of crime.

The Howard League for Penal Reform believes that offenders must make amends for what they have done and change their lives.

The Howard League for Penal Reform believes that community sentences make a person take responsibility and live a law-abiding life in the community.

The Howard League at Warwick scheme is essentially an awareness and fundraising project. As a relatively new component of Pro Bono, it has nonetheless managed to secure a number of new members as well as conduct training sessions on penal reform, organize talks by guest speakers and promote campaigns like Take Action 2010. We will be working on campaigns to promote the issues that Howard League seeks to address and help provide financial support to the charity via fundraising events.

Project leaders: Ashley Gordon